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ATA 2011 News

Get schooled in Telemedicine 101

By Mike Miliard, Managing Editor

TAMPA, FL -- Think of it a bit like this: Everything you wanted to know about telehealth but were afraid to ask.

Finding solutions to healthcare challenges in telehealth technologies

By Christina Thielst, FACHE

In 2008, while working in a small rural hospital, I watched as some of our patients had to be transferred to a larger facility in our system to receive needed specialty consults. At the time, the hospitalist, emergency director and I wished we had telemedicine capabilities, but the funds for equipment were not available in our budget.

ATA's growth reflects a global boom in telemedicine

By Ben Forstag, Director of Communications for the American Telemedicine Association

It's been another year of phenomenal growth for American Telemedicine Association. This is most clearly evidenced at our Annual Meeting in Tampa, which is the largest event in association history and the biggest telemedicine event of the year. 

Cell phone inventor has vision of wireless medicine

Martin Cooper, who conceived of and developed the first hand-held cellular phone in 1973, is the keynote speaker at the American Telemedicine Association's Annual Meeting. In an exclusive interview, he offered his vision of the future of wireless technology.

Sony, Microsoft collaborate on MD2GO remote camera

By Eric Wicklund, Senior Editor

TAMPA, FL – One of the many promises of telemedicine is that it will give physicians an opportunity to see patients without having to be physically present in the examination room. One device that embodies that concept is MD2GO.

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