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ATA 2011 News

VSee aims to bring practical healthcare to rural America

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, ATA 2012 Show Dailies

PALO ALTO, CA – What began as an effort to provide a reliable video hookup for people working from home is now finding its niche in telehealth.

American TeleCare looks beyond the technology

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, ATA 2012 Show Dailies

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – As one of the first companies to venture into the telemedicine arena, American TeleCare has long focused on the technical challenges to bringing video-based patient monitoring services into the home. But at this year's ATA 2012 conference, ATI is offering something its boss says is "at the other end of the continuum."

ATA 2012: Star Trek, telemedicine and the future of healthcare

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, ATA 2012 Show Dailies

Twenty years ago, the word "telemedicine" might conjure images of Bones McCoy whipping out his tricorder to diagnose Spock or Captain Kirk -- or perhaps that fancy new video conferencing system that only the biggest, most advanced hospitals could afford to install, to communicate with... each other.

Venture capital takes an interest in telemedicine

By Bernard Harris, Jr., MD, MBA
, President, 
American Telemedicine Association
Healthcare in the United States is a $2.6 trillion annual market. Today, telemedicine remains a very small part of this huge market, but there are indications that this may soon change. Market forecasts generally focus on specific segments of telemedicine, such as home monitoring, teleradiology or mobile health, but they are all consistent in one way: They predict robust growth for telemedicine in the foreseeable future. Across the board, market research firms project a growing industry, with market size climbing into the billions of dollars.  

What to do in San Jose? Hiking, food, museums, art, parks... and more

By Mike Moran, Project Editor

As one of the hottest high-tech hubs in the world, San Jose seems like the perfect place to host the ATA's 17th Annual International Meeting & Exposition. But there's more to California's third largest city (population 958,789) and the self-proclaimed "Capital of Silicon Valley" than technology. Here are some attractions and things to do while in town for the conference.

Vidyo pushes the boundaries of teleconferencing

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, ATA 2012 Show Dailies

HACKENSACK, NJ – From the far northern expanses of Canada to the Australian Outback, Vidyo is extending the reach of healthcare providers with a teleconferencing solution designed to make the video consult as easy, natural and integrated as possible.

Consult A Doctor offers 'telemedicine for the common man'

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, ATA 2012 Show Dailies

MIAMI – With so much emphasis placed these days on helping people with chronic or complex healthcare concerns, the average person with a stuffy nose or nagging pain can get overlooked.

Rheuban, TATRC top the list of this year's ATA award winners

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, ATA 2012 Show Dailies

SAN JOSE, CA – Last year, Karen S. Rheuban, MD, shared her story of helping to save the life of a young orphan in China, using telemedicine to identify a potentially fatal heart condition. This year she'll be up on the stage again – this time to accept the American Telemedicine Association's President's Award.

Radio waves help caregivers tune in chronic patients

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, ATA 2012 Show Dailies

ATLANTA – A type of technology once used to track spy planes over the Russian continent is now being used to help people and their caregivers manage chronic heart and lung diseases.

American Well taps Vidyo for enhanced video conferencing

By Mike Miliard, Managing Editor
TAMPA, FL -- At ATA 2011 on Tuesday, Vidyo, Inc., of Hackensack, N.J., announced a new partnership with Boston-based American Well, whose Online Care Suite connects providers and patients for live, immediate and clinically meaningful encounters using the Web or phone.

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